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   Biological diversity and its protection knowledge from book to digital information media trend. The project research and development to establish a public should understand, cognitive in north area of biodiversity and its ecological and environmental systems, virtual experience related to the biodiversity of various ecological processes of information resources sharing, scientific knowledge popularization of the Internet platform.
The Internet popularization education, which carries out the biodiversity and its protection in the north of hebei province, is the first to promote the use of the network information media to publicize education. The publicity of online media is a very good way for the public to participate in the protection of biological diversity. It is conducive to understanding the current situation of biodiversity conservation in northern hebei and establishing environmental awareness.
Website display in popular science propaganda, hebei north ecological line, eight national nature reserve, 9, 14 provincial nature reserve, national forest park and 26 wetland park comprehensive scientific survey of biodiversity in the pictures, video, text and other content; Industry information in numerous colleges and universities related social organizations jungle road, bird watching, handmade activities such as video Posting and public welfare activities, explain to the public to create a network platform of biodiversity protection and propaganda work. Shared with friends and family and friends through the network, make the public aware of protecting biodiversity is a part of life, better to put into practice, really realize the protection biodiversity need everyone together action, protect the earth is to protect ourselves.

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